In 2020, I faced a major setback in my life and hit rock bottom.

A big business failure that ultimately led to a bankruptcy. And just like for anyone, it was incredibly challenging to convince myself to keep going. But instead of giving up, I decided to bounce back with a vengeance!

My first goal was simple: regain my energy and reclaim my life.

At this point I had gained a ton of weight and felt fatigue all day long. I wanted a sustainable source of energy that was convenient, delicious and highly nutritious that I could depend on daily. That's when I embarked on a journey to create the perfect energy bar. One that not only kicked my tiredness to the curb and tasted freakin' awesome but one that was actually good for you unlike most bars in the market. 😝

After countless kitchen experiments (and a trillion failed attempts).

I cracked the code! A bar that not only satisfied my cravings but also gave me a much-needed daily energy boost without the crash or jitters, thanks to the magic of green tea caffeine! 🍵 But here's the best part – when I started sharing these bars with my buddies, their reactions were off the charts! They loved the energy boost and the mouthwatering flavors. That's when I realized this was more than just a snack – it was a calling.

Fast forward to today..

We've sold ten's of thousands of these incredible bars since we launched. The feedback and stories we've received from people like you have been absolutely inspiring. It's what keeps me going, pushing the boundaries, and striving to create the greatest energy bar brand ever.

let's go to the moon!

I hope you love them and they give you the superpower energy like they did for me and my friends! Fuel up, my friend, and let's conquer the world together! 💪

Founder & Chief Dreamer